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How I work

3 Stage Website Design & Creation

Purposeful Planning


Design & Creation




I really appreciate the opportunity in creating a website that you love and that easily converts your visitors into clients.  There are 3 main stages involved in creating your website that I will clearly illustrate within this proposal.


Stage One – Purposeful Planning

Website Development & Design

This is the most important part of your website creation journey.  Stage One is the Blue Print – The foundation that underpins everything.

We will meet via zoom and we will create a detailed set of design and technical specifications.  These set of specifications will be the road map that I will use to create your stunning website.  For example:

  • Logo (extra charge if needed)
  • Choosing Layouts & Images
  • Branding, including colour scheme
  • Your Messaging

I will create a visual wireframe so you can get a first glimpse of the functionality and its initial overall look and feel.

Stage Two – Design & Creation

Creating Your Website

Once we have identified what your website creation needs are, we will then go onto the process of creating it.

I will create a draft website for you to check to see if it is in line with your vision and this would be the time to make corrections if needed.

Your imagery and your messaging is one of the most vital assets of your website.  It reflects the visual significance of your mission, values, goals & objectives.  We will be meeting serveral times to be sure we touch the essence of your offerings.

  • We will establish your user journey
  • We will reflect your client’s needs
  • We will make your website responsive on all devices
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Stage Two - Creating Your Website

Images, Content & Technical Features & so much more

Domain Name



customer management system

Divi Theme

security & Privacy

Legal Requirements

Payment Gateway

email Account

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Stage Three – Testing

Enhancing Functionality 

Before I can hand over your website, it will need to go through a few functional tests to ensure optimal performance

One of those tests will be a user experience test.  This will highlight its effectiveness and efficiency.

You will also get the oppotunity to test it out for a few days before your website goes “Live”

  • You will receive training to operate your website
  • You will receive 2 weeks free maintenance
  • Monthly maintenance package available
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Website Design Services

What I Am Offering

I will be designing for you a client winning websites with the primary goal of enhancing user experience through clear messaging and navigation.  You will receive your websites consisting of 4 primary pages each.  Any additional pages will incur a fee.   You will receive a whole range of applications that are designed to enhance the functionality of your website and assist you in your business operations.

Custom Email

You will need to consider whether you require a new email  account

Payment Gateway

Take payments and keep a track of all transactions for accounting

email marketing

This will be an extra cost for you to consider as this is not included

Podcast Hub

This is not included in your package but can be implemented

My committment to you

Next Steps

This is a guide to what is available for you.  Let us meet and discuss in more detail in order for me to clearly identify your needs and requirements.  You will be invoiced for  your website design and creation in two stages.

Pricing and

Extra Features

Standard Website £450.00

Price Before Initial Consultation

Domain & Hosting £44.25 Excl VAT

(Siteground Discounted Prices – First Year Only)


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