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INTRODUCING Assistant Rose’s

5 step plan to a wealthy mind, vibrant energy and a healthy business 

Say Goodbye to lack and the feelings of “not having enough” You have the power to elevate your life.

Does this sound familiar?

You have been wanting to experience more freedom and financial prosperity in your life.  You have worked very hard at trying to improve your work-life balance.  Your are tired of working in a position that doesn’t allow you to thrive or live life on your own terms, but the challenge is that you just can’t see how you can bring change to your present circumstances.  No matter what you do you just feel stuck.  Wealthy Mind, Vibrant Energy and Healthy Business mini course can help you.

Just for a moment

Imagine if…

You had a step by step blueprint of how to transform your life from lack into a life filled with prosperity, what would your life look like?

Imagine that you can experience fun and ease whilst you learn, live and expand your new way of being and your new lifestyle.  Imagine yourself in your new career by developing your wealthy mind, enhancing your vibrant energy and implementing the foundations to creating a healthy business.

Discover the energetics of abundance and bring more wealth into your life

Most people concentrate on their business strategies and objectives when seeking to elevate their financial prosperity but spend little or no time when it comes to elevating their personal power and releasing those energy blocks that sometimes limits their potential to give and receive abundantly.

In this mini course, we will activate your wealth consciousness and you will align with what is true for you.  This is where your abundance flows from.

You will discover the energetics of abundance and learn how to bring more wealth into your life

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Yours To Keep

Here’s what you’ll get…

Green Rose

5 x "Live" Interactive Master Classes

Green Rose

Wealthy Mind Workbook

Green Rose

Vibrant Energy Meditation

Green Rose

Wealth Activation Meditation

Green Rose

Powerful Intentions and Envisioning Journaling

Green Rose

One to One Discovery Call (Spaces Limited)

Green Rose

Access To Exclusive Private FaceBook Group

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Access To My Wealth Activation Study Portal

Limited Time Bonus Offers

Register for your mini course and receive these gifts.  These Gifts are available if you register by July 15th 2023


Bonus 1. Masterclass money Magnet

Bonus Offer 1

Money Management Planner


Bonus Offer 2

Get Your Business Right


Bonus 1. Masterclass Moving Meditation

Bonus Offer 3

Moving Meditation

Enjoy your experience

Here’s how it all works…

Green Rose

Work through your workbook to get a clear understanding of what it takes to have a wealthy mind and vibrant energy

Green Rose

Choose one of the meditations and begin and end each day in meditation and journal the many insights revealed to you

Green Rose

Complete the 5 day challenge that includes breathing and energy movement techniques to clear mental and emotional blocks

Green Rose

Go through the step by step money management process to clearly understand where you are in your current abundance flow

Green Rose

Activate your wealth consciousness with my wealth activation guided meditation and so much more ....

Hi, I’m Rosemary…

I am a Holistic Practitioner and Accredited Training Provider, Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager.

I help women develop, support and mentor their sustainable, heart aligned, small business ☆ so that they can live their life on their own terms☆

Wealthy Minds, Vibrant Energy and Healthy Business program has been designed to assist women in reprogramming their minds from not having enough to living in abundance and have fun whist doing so☆

Kim with Flower

Rosemary has supported the change

that I am now experiencing in my life.  I did not know it was so simple to change my life.  What I had to learn was why my energy was depleting and how this had a profound impact upon my state of abundance.  Rosemary helped me to see how I was depleting my opportunity to thrive.

Rosemary has made changing my mind into a wealthy mind, fun and her ability to inspire the change in me is magical.  Wealthy Mind, Vibrant Energy and Healthy Business is the best choice I have made in 2023.



Carmin Wilkinson

Angelic Nectar

You know there is more to life, and you ask… “How Do I Access It?”

Wealth Consciousness

Is about truly understanding that there really isn’t any lack or separation from the  infinite source of abundance and you.  When you align with the frequency of infinity with your open heart and clear mind, you will experience true wealth and have the ability to magnitise financial prosperity into your life….easily.

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The 5 Step Plan that takes you to a Wealthy Mind, Vibrant Energy and Healthy Business!

for just £97

Satisfaction Guarantee

I am, 100% sure you will love this mini course.

But if after module one you feel that it has not provided the value that I promised, I will refund your investment in full.

You just need to email me before module 2 is unlocked.


Got questions?

Here are the commom questions I am asked.  I hope the answers are useful to you.

What if I cannot make all the "live" masterclasses?

Don’t worry.  The sessions will be recorded and will be made available to you in your Wealth Activation Portal.  You will receive access to your portal once you have made your purchase for this mini course

What if I do not experience big changes within the first 5 days?

Look at it like you are planting a seed that will continue to grow long after the course has been completed.  To experience the changes that you are desiring will depend upon you.  If you are fully committed and devoted to becoming your more within the first 5 days, you will experience some changes and shifts in the way that you look at your life and your sense of prosperity.  Yet it is all about you, how willing and open will you be?

Will you be offering one to one sessions during the 5 days?

Yes, I will.  However, the spaces are limited.  You will need to book your session as soon as possible during the 5 days.

Can I share the contents of this mini course with others?

Sorry, the answer is no.  If you know of anyone who you feel may benefit from this mini course, by all means, please lead them to the registration page or send me their email, and I will reach out to them and send them their unique purchase link.

Do I get to keep this course after the 5 days?

Yes, you will get to keep the content of this mini course for years to come.  However, if for some reason there is a change of circumstance, for example,technical issues or delivery plaform issues, you will be informed and the mini course will be sent to you as a PDF

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Elevate your lifestyle with The 5 step plan that takes you to a wealthy mind, vibrant energy and healthy business outlook!

I am ready to assist you! Are you ready too?  Join me on this 5 day magical journey and experience the joy of activating your wealthy heart and mind in alignment with the infinite source of abundance.  See You There !

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