The Website Mentor

Vicky Etherington


has worked as a Community Manager in my free challenges (when it gets really busy) and also in groups for my paid courses. Her incredible energy keeps people accountable and feeling supported.

She has the most perfect personality for this kind of work. I’ve never come across anyone more encouraging and supportive. With an incredible attitude, she genuinely wants people to succeed.

I can’t recommend her more highly.

She’s an amazing human being; I value her friendship and her work, and she would be a fabulous addition to any team.

Vicky Etherington

Founder Of “Rock That Website”

Soul Song

Kim Lavery


is a joy to work with.

Rosemary has created a beautiful, yet functional website that compliments my therapeutic practice.

Rosemary also performs her virtual assistant role in a professional and caring manner.

Kim with Flower

Founder Of “Soul Song”

“Let me help you create ease and freedom”

“Create a business that you love”