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Service Packages


Get in touch and together we will customise a service package that is ideal for you.

Special rates are applied for “Bookings” that are more than 3 hours


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get started with "assistant rose"?

All it takes is one phone call to discuss your needs and create a custom service specific for your requirements.  You may also contact “Asistant Rose” Via website.

how does your pricing work?

I offer an open end system where you pay just for the service you need.  No monthly committments.  If you need me for a month, we set the frequency together.

what about client confidentiality?

Confidentiality is at the heart of everything I do.  Where none disclosure agreements are necessary, “Assistant Rose” will be happy to comply with customers specific needs.

How much notice do i need to give "assistant rose"?

Idealy 48 hrs notice is necessary for general admin duties.  for more complex needs, a consultation will be necessary

what equiptment will i need?

Generally, for  established businesses you would already have what is needed to engage with a virtual assistant.  We will disuss this in your consultation.

do you offer discounts?

Our pricing policy is brilliant and is competitively priced.  The only discount we may offer are for the repeat customers.  This will be discussed during your consultation.

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