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Rosemary is an emerging Intuitive Virtual Creative Assistant & Lifestyle Coach with a speciality in community management & website & marketing design.

Welcome To “Outsourcing To A Virtual Assistant” 2 Day Workshop Portal.

Register for my Master Class and find out how you can effectively find and onboard your ideal virtual assistant.

This Masterclass will take away the fear that holds you back from getting the help you need in your business, which will enable you to explore other areas of your business that desperately needs your attention.

You will be encouraged to see the value in receiving the help you need and enjoy the process of screening and selecting the right person who will understand and be aligned with your goals, aspirations and objectives.


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I plan and build sustainable conline communities through Implementing effective community strategies that serve their highest mission, visions, goals and objectives.

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I help my client’s create their lovely client winning websites and provide their monthly maintainence and updating packages to ensure optimal performance.

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I offer general and specialist administrative services.  I create the time, space and ease by taking care of  your administrative tasks so you can follow you creative aspirations.

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