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Many small business entrepreneurs ask me, when is the best time to utilize the services of a Virtual Assistant?

Here’s the thing, most entrepreneurs who choose to become self-employed, do so for many reasons and one of those reasons that is high up on the list is, for a greater sense of freedom. 

Which will enable them to do all the things they love to do in their business and in their lives.

Entrepreneurs have some seriously special skills and are uniquely resilient. Trust me, I see you. I say this because entrepreneurs usually take on every single aspect of their business, all by themselves. 

Entrepreneurs develop the habit of wearing so “many hats” from “start-up” to “burn out” and it is at this stage, they are usually forced to hire out help.
I believe the best time to outsource to a virtual assistant is right from the start, when starting up your business. 

Although, I do appreciate, that in most cases this may feel like a huge financial stretch.

Wouldn’t you love to scale your business in the most efficient way and stay happy whilst running your business?

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant is when you hire someone with a specific and unique skill. For example, you may outsource to a graphic designer to create your logo, or you might hire a web designer to build your website. 

To be honest, the list of things a virtual assistant can do for you once you’ve acquired the VA that best suits your needs, is pretty much endless.

Another great time to hire a virtual assistant if finance is an issue at your start-up stage, is after you’ve traded for a while and you’ve noticed that your business is beginning to grow.  

At this stage you may desire to re-brand your business and implement growth strategies that a virtual assistant can assist you with. 

Since working with my clients, I have witnessed that they are happier, more confident, and able to focus more on growth, without the burn out. Many of my clients have expressed, how supported they feel as an entrepreneur since hiring their virtual assistant.