Onboarding A New Client Is A No. 1 Skill

by | Jun 29, 2023

Onboarding New Client

What is onboarding?

Onboarding a new client is a process of getting to know your new client.  Learning how you and your client will work together.  Understanding how you will receive tasks.  Knowing how you will communicate with each other for updates and feedback and so much more!

My Journey:

Let me tell you, it was not always as efficient as I have it now.  At first, I allowed my clients to take over the onboarding process and I sometimes felt that I was not as organised and clear as I love to be as I am when I am onboarding a new client. 

There was one time that I was given a task to do that involved me accessing some of their systems via their passwords.  I was told to check out the work after the call as they had a lot more that they wanted to discuss with me.  I was also told that after this call I would not be able to reach client until several hours later as they had a very busy schedule. 

Oh, My Goodness! Yes, you imagined it right!  The passwords were incorrect.

Several hours later my client called to check on how I was managing their tasks and to their shock, I had not even started it.

Yet, they could not be disappointed in me as it simply was an oversight made by them.  From that moment on I realised that I was the one who needed to ensure that I had everything I needed and that everything worked as they should so that I could fulfill my role with ease. This was the moment I became committed to onboarding a new client a compulsory task.

Onboarding a New Client:

Okay, so you have a new potential client showing interest in your services.  Right from the start, I have found that the best approach is to set up a virtual meeting. I use Zoom meetings to speak with potential new clients.

You need to see them and they need to see you!

The easiest way to onboard a new client is to send potential client your booking scheduler so that they can book a time that suits them within your allocated time slots.

You can use Acuity or Calendly to do this.  I love both of these platforms for different reasons.

After your potential client has created a discovery call with you be sure to personally follow up to confirm the booking even though the scheduling platform can handle all of that for you.

Giving a personal touch is so important when building your relationship with new and potential clients.

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Prepare for your discovery call:

If possible, research your potential client’s business and see if you can get a sense of who they are and what they do.

Take a look at their blog posts, have a look at their social media, check out their website and don’t forget to make useful notes.

Your potential client will love that you are showing interest in them and you will also be able to help them to envision you as their VA.

Most importantly ask questions!

You are discovering if this client is the right fit for you and if you can deliver what they require effectively.

Please do not overlook to check if your potential client has made effective preparations for you to be a part of their team!  I learnt this the hard way at the beginning of my virtual assistant journey.

Follow Up:

If you have decided that you and your potential client will make a fabulous team, send a summary of your discovery sessions along with any actions that need to be taken.  i.e., They may have asked to see your portfolio.

Even if you have decided that they are not a best fit for you it is courteous and professional to let them know that you are not available to fulfill their needs at this time.

Send Contract and Terms:

Please do not avoid this step!

This for your protection and your peace of mind!  Keep your signed agreement close by as you just may need to reference it.

Send Invoice:

Before you begin working and in line with your specific terms and conditions, I recommend that you send an invoice to receive payment.  Whether it be payment in full, monthly payments or even a deposit.  This is about commitment. accountability, professionalism, trust, appreciation, protection and value.

Onboarding A New Client And Future Communication Process:

So, you have the contracts signed and you have received payment for your services.  It is time to set up your onboarding meeting.

Discuss how you will both work together.  Include your working hours and ways to be contacted. Discuss how your client will onboard the work to you and be sure to figure out how you will access their systems.  Secure all that you need to be able to carry out your role efficiently and successfully. 

Keep your clients informed every step of the way so that they can build trust and confidence and you can feel of value too.

Be Organised:

Create an onboarding process that will take away all of the guessing!  The smoother the process the better for the short and long term. 

Your onboarding process needs to be seamless and allows you to be organised for efficiency and optimum productivity.

Remember! Have fun whilst you are onboarding a new client! Love what you do! You Are Your Own CEO, always assume this position.

For this month only! You can schedule a free 15 min Discovery Call with me if you would like a closer in depth look of how I onboard a new client. Connect Here!

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