My Pricing

Your investment will depend upon your specific requirements ☆ We will have our first consultation to discover your needs and discuss your unique investment  The next step will be to sign your client contract so that we can work together and realise your dreams!

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“Quality Work Fabulous Pricing”

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My Pricing

General Administration Tasks and Projects

“Elevate your productivity with my Virtual Assistant support package. From managing your schedule to tackling administrative tasks, I am here to provide much needed assistance and help streamline your workflow.”  Let’s discuss my pricing for your specific needs.

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Website Planning and Creation

“Unlock your online potential with my unique style of website planning and creation package. I will carefully strategise and design a client winning website that is visually stunning and user-friendly, tailored to your unique business needs. ”  My pricing for website creation starts at £800 GBP.  Let’s have a chat.

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Email Marketing Automation Set-up

“Elevate your marketing efforts with my Email Marketing set-up and management Services.  Automating your offers through Forever Funnels. Harness the power of automation and elevate your business growth with Assistant Rose’s marketing strategy package.”

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Social Media Community Groups Services

“Elevate your community’s social media impact with my 5-day challenge support package.  I will help you keep challenge members fully engaged, and offer you seamless Zoom support to ensure a successful experience for you and your members.”  Book your call to find out more and to receive my price quote.

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My Client’s Kind Words!

Liz Stewart

Point Of Light

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Rosemary is a powerful, unique, patient, soulful human being.

I am beyond delighted at the creativity she applied to my desire to be able to show up in my natural way on social media and reach the people who would enjoy working with me.

Rosemary truly gets me and that flowed into bringing my Supervision Sanctuary to Life.

She is a Social Media Doula – enabling me to birth my ideas and being profoundly patient when I got stuck and on occasion hid!

She has skillfully assisted me fully with Active Campaign, Membervault, You Tube videos, Calendly and Termageddon. She has taken my brand colours and made them zing! She has been meticulous in checking links and emails.

And she has the gorgeous capacity to connect with my heart and soul and that is what makes her who she truly is.
I look forward to continuing to work, play and laugh with you Rosemary.

Thank you for getting me so deeply.