“I Believe That Every Small Business Owner Needs Their Own Virtual Assistant”

Meet Rosie: I am also an intuitive energy healer for more than 20 years and in all this time I have recognised that many small business owners tackle the challenging role of going it alone when it comes to running their business.

Although this works for some people, for most people this style of working leads to “Burn Out”, reduced creative vision and limited financial potential.

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Rosemary Roberts Founder Of Assistant Rose 

Systems That Elevates Your Business Potential and Nourishes Your Soul

There simply is not “One Style That Fits All.”  Every small business owner has their own unique way of being and doing and my gift is to recognise what system of operation nourishes and nurtures your soul.

Intuitively, I will understand your energy vibration, learn the fundamental mission and vision you have for your business and carefully suggest your optimal systems of operation and marketing strategy, that best suits you.

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“Completing my own website was the fuel to becomming a “Booked-out Creative Virtual Assistant”

The Beginning

“I took part in a 5 day website creation challenge in January 2021 because my old website was no longer fit for purpose.  During the challenge I loved creating my own website and this began a journey of learning how to create a visionary story through Website design.

My intentions

“I wanted to learn as much as I could because I knew right from the start that I would help others to do the same.”  For a number of years I have desired to be an Online Business Manager, operating from anywhere in the world, offering an online virtual assistant training program.

My Progress

Shortly after completing the course I was offered the role as an online accountability coach which opened me up to becoming a social media community Manager.  Since then I have started up my Virtual Assistant Business and created Assistant Rose Virtual Assistant Training.

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My Vision

My vision is to support and encourage like minded women to create the life they desire through setting up their business and aligning to their infinite power source within. Ultimately this will lead to a happier self expression and a happier world.  We are here to thrive and be our best self

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“You’re My Social Media Doula”

Liz Stewart, Founder of “Point Of Light”

“Meet Rosie and experience how she takes care of the technical aspects of creating your website.  Rosie is a Blessing”

Soul Song

Kim Lavery


is a joy to work with.

Rosemary has created a beautiful, yet functional website that compliments my therapeutic practice.

Rosemary also performs her virtual assistant role in a professional, attentive and caring manner.

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Founder Of “Soul Song” Kim Lavery

“Meet Rosie on one of her clarity calls and discover for yourself the ease in which she will translate what your vision is and advise you how to manifest it “Angelic Nectar”