Love is the 1st Vibration


Love Is a Happy Dancing Black Woman

Your Full Potential – Through Loves Eyes

Love Knows:

Love sees and knows all.  There is no hiding place that love cannot penetrate.  Love sees only through loving eyes and love knows just where more love is needed.

What Is Love?

Love is much more than an emotion that you can feel, love vibration is the root and cause of your very existence.  Love itself is the power that brings all into manifestation.  Pure love, the Infinite Source are one and we are all aspects of the Infinite Source Love, experiencing love as life. 

Love cannot be defined and conditioned and yet we can feel love within us, be love and express love when we are aligned as love.  Our essence is love and when we be as love the fragrance of our being that we emanate into the world is Joy.

Love is Abundance:

Where there is pure love there is no perception of lack as love is and will always be eternal abundance.  Limitless in its nature and is continually forever flowing freely.

Your Expression As Love:

You are love at the core of your being and when we are able to intuitively recognise this, everything we then choose to do is an expression of love, we are all, “Service of Love.”  When there is no conflict within us, then external conflict will be no more. Can you picture this?

Love Is No Separation:

We are all one in love without separation and in this knowing, we are genuinely able to share just for the love of it.  We will eagerly create systems and processes that serve through the power of love and we will delight in the fruits of our love giving.


Absolutely everything that you are doing and everything that you have is the fruits of your Being.  So, who are you choosing to be?  Choosing to be the totality of love, will result in all of your doings will be loving and through your loving doings you will acquire and have love in its tangible forms. Love infuses beauty, everywhere it flows.


Love is uncomplicated and free from drama, vibrantly flowing, innocent and simple, freely shining without hiding its vibration.  Love is EVERYTHING

Who are you being?



Mentally and


And… Do you love all of whom and what you are being?

Understanding this is the key to embodying your full potential.

When you are being who you are here to be, you will do what you are here to do and you will have what you are here to have and enjoy the fruits of your being.

One Beautiful Love xx

Businesses Created With Love

What I am noticing since 2022 is more people desiring to set up their small businesses so that they can transform their personal and professional lifestyle. Through doing what they love, with the hope of bringing a deeper meaning and a elevated sense of value into their lives.

Assistant Rose Creative Virtual Assistant Services was designed to assist potential clients fulfill their desires through offering bespoke services aligned with their mission, vision, goals and values.

“At the foundation and at the heart of Assistant Rose Creative Virtual Assistant Services is JOY. Rosemary, the founder, infuses love in everything that she does.” Carmin Wilkinson

Here’s How You Can Work With Me:

Visit my website and see some of the things I can help you with.

Book a consultation call so I can get a feel for you and your needs

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Rosemary Roberts

Rosemary has been developing her virtual assistant service from 2020 offering her creative specialist services to her clients. Since 2023 Rosemary elevated her services to include teaching aspiring VA’s how to set up their own thriving Virtual Assistant businesses and thrive.

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How To Outsource To Your Ideal Virtual Assistant

Learn How To Outsource To Your Ideal Virtual Assistant To “Free Up Your Time” by Downloading My Free Guide on “outsourcing To A Creative Virtual Assistant”

How I Can Assist You

General and Specialist Virtual Assistance Services

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Wanting to set up your email marketing systems?

Stay connected, build relationships, and drive conversions with my comprehensive email marketing solution, designed to elevate your online presence and amplify your brand’s reach and visibility.

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Too busy or needing help to create your own website?

Let me help you to create and maintain your beautiful website that will attract and convert your visitors into your ideal clients. Using the powerful Divi Theme Builder with WordPress.  Initial consultation via Zoom.

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Get support for your online course offerings!

As an accountability coach I can help you to keep your community group members engaged and focused through content creation, group interaction and using social media analytic tools.  Book your consultation today!

Know when you need support.  It’s good for your health and well-being!

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Identifying what needs to be delegated will bring more ease to your workload!

This mini workbook will include a Delegating Check List so you can clearly identify what you need to offload and a Skills Needs Audit that will help you Identify the type of Virtual Assistant you require and so much more…