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If you are considering to hire a virtual assistant, check out “life as a virtual assistant” for tips and inspiration.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who is located remotely and who provides support for an individual and or a team.

Virtual assistants often work with small businesses owners, coaches, mentors, course creators, entrepreneurs. However, many large businesses and corporations are now seeing the value of having virtual assistance in their teams.

What is fantastic about VA’s that they come with a wide range of skills and services. Their services can include:

Community Management

Email Management

Data Entry

Social Media Account Management

and so much more …..

Some VA’s also offer specialist support. from website design and development to book keeping and Graphical & Marketing expertise.

My Motivation

I desired a change of lifestyle and a better way of working. I was tired of commuting to work, day in and day out. It was taking a toll on my health as I was no longer enjoying the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city. Plus, I needed to work in an environment where there is peace and quiet. I needed my space to be were there was minimal distractions and interruptions for this is where my best work is achieved.

My personal lifestyle was also being affected and in order for me to live from a place of love and beauty, it became necessary to change how I worked and the work itself.

To choose my own hours and to choose what I desired to do was liberating. It was so important for me to learn new skills as often as possible so that i could remain motivated. Becoming a Virtual Assistant gave me everything I desired and more.

My Routine

I’m an early riser. I rise at about 5.30 am most mornings. Before I do any form of work for anyone, I give myself all the loving energy I need to be able to face the day as my BEST SELF.

By about 7.30 am, I’m ready for the world. At the end of the previous days work, I always itemise what is to be done in the morning. I check my emails, calendars and scheduler systems to enable me to prioritize my work.

During my breaks, I completely come away from my computer. I stretch, mediate & do my breathing exercises. Sometimes I may go for a small walk. I always try to eat a nutritious light meal and drink lots of water, throughout the day.

At the end of my working day, I update my calendar, schedulers & priority actions plans for the following day. Before the end of Fridays work, I will look at the week ahead and prioritize my work.

My services

General Administration:

Answering phone calls, Data Entry, Customer Service, Place orders, Post On Social Media, Update Software, Schedule Appointments, Prepare Document, etc …..

Specialist Skills

Social Media Community Group Manager

Website Design, Creation & Development

Marketing and Promotion

Remote Receptionist

Calendar Management

Invoice & file Management

Customer Care & Email Management

Presentation Creation

Photo Editing and Digital Marketing & Execution

Content Writing

Copy writing


Forms & Questionnaire Creation

Proof Reading

In my next post, I will go into details about what is involved in these specialist skills and how you can develop them.