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Feeling Exhausted

Over the years, all the late nights working on client projects and over-serving caught up with me and expressed itself as exhaustion.

Being of service with others is a natural born gift, and I love it.  Yet, knowing when to take time out for myself became a little blurred and overtime, I soon felt the results of over-working my body/mind.  I was feeling exhausted and it was time to take a much-needed break so that I could restore my energy and body/mind. 

A Closer Look

After deep reflection I discovered that it was so easy for me to study and work late into the evening as my sleep hygiene was not the best.  Taking a closer look, I realised that I had been carrying some unexpressed difficult emotions relating to my relationship with self. 


I could no longer ignore how my body was feeling.  Knowing that my perception needed transformation and new habits needed to be implemented, time became my best friend.

I did not place a time limit on how long my “step back would be.” What I was aware of is that my body would teach me and I was willing to listen.

I identified a few small habits that I was willing to commit to and then decided when I would begin.  These new habits would form the foundation of my new lifestyle and they were non-negotiable.

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New Habits

  • Wind down an hour before bedtime and be in bed just before 11pm
  • 4 Day working week
  • Meditation and journaling as soon as I arise every new day
  • Foods and drinks that support regeneration – IF
  • Goody Moves daily practice
  • Mental and Emotional Health Journaling
  • Fun days out during my days off
  • Therapeutic reflections to release unexpressed emotions

These habits were not really new to me.  What was new was my decision to become more intentional about honouring them and returning my state of being from exhaustion to vitality.

“My Bright Spark Moment”

From exhaustion to vitality, From illness to wealth

I knew that I was not the only woman experiencing exhaustion.  I also knew that there were women like me that needed a complete lifestyle transformation, including how they operated in their businesses.  What became crystal clear to me during my “bright spark moment”  is that some women truly desired being of service without compromising their health. 

The more I invested in myself the greater the healing I experienced and still experiencing.

How I Can Help

I help Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Mentors, Course Creators, Authors and Artists, create more freedom and time to do the things they love, by supporting them in setting up their small businesses. Carry out administrative tasks, creating their websites, course content and supporting their online community groups and so much more… check out my website!

All of my clients are saying NO to exhaustion and YES to vitality.

I often used Soul Plan to help my clients unveil the hidden talents that lie dormant within them. I am not just a creative virtual assistant. I am a woman who understands how to help you awaken your inner power so that you can create the life of your dreams.

What’s Changed For Me?

Self-care habits

My daily self-care habits now support my personal and professional life as I operate from a felt sense of vitality and I’m improving every day.

Business Experience

I only take on projects that I love and I find that this way keeps me energised and creatively inspired.

I create clear agreements with my clients and communicate when things seem to be unaligned.

Exhaustion can lead into physical, emotional and mental imbalances that will negatively impact your business if left unchecked.

If you need some assistance in how to prepare to outsource to your virtual assistance read my blog post here, and get in touch. I will be happy to support you. You can also download my free mini workbook right here!

What’s next?

I will be giving a live online presentation called From burn-out to vitality, From illness to wealth.  I will share my journey about why I created my new business “Magnetic Service” and offer a few ideas to show you how you can create abundance within

When And Where?

Thursday 4 April 2024 at 3.33 pm until 4.33 via private zoom meeting.

Get in touch here if you are interested in receiving more information.

Rosemary Roberts

Rosemary has been developing her virtual assistant service from 2020 offering her creative specialist services to her clients. Since 2023 Rosemary elevated her services to include teaching aspiring VA’s how to set up their own thriving Virtual Assistant businesses and thrive.

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