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A Journey Of Finding Direction For My Website”

Six years ago, I enlisted the expertise of a graphic designer to assist me in crafting a website for my Holistic Therapeutic Practice.

I really wanted to learn how to do it myself, so I decided to work together with my designer. I thought that by doing it together, I could add my own special touch to the website. I didn’t want to just follow a video on YouTube or something like that. I wanted it to be more personal and unique.

I understood that learning this knowledge would be important for the future because I didn’t want to rely on my designer for everything. I wanted to have the ability to make changes and updates to my website on my own, without always needing someone else’s help.

Something Just Did Not Feel Right

After a few weeks of working together, I started feeling uneasy because the look and feel of the website we were creating didn’t connect with me as I had hoped.

As we progressed with the website creation, I started feeling uncomfortable because certain elements didn’t seem right. The fonts chosen didn’t look appealing to me, they were either too big or too small, making the text hard to read.

The imagery used on the website felt generic and didn’t reflect the unique character of my holistic therapeutic practice. Overall, the tone of the website didn’t convey the warm and inviting atmosphere I wanted to create for visitors.

Rather than feeling excited, I started to feel disheartened and questioned what I needed to say or do to ensure my vision was understood without feeling guilty or unappreciated.

Just get it done!

After recognising that what ever I said just did not seem to make any difference, I simply decided to encourage my designer to just get it done as quickly as possible.

I began documenting every action my designer took on my website, from installing plugins to setting up the ecommerce page. I had a clear intention to eventually take on the challenge of redesigning the website myself.

The situation grew increasingly frustrating for both of us. I simply wanted to create a step-by-step guide or instructions for building my website, but my designer seemed reluctant to address my questions and concerns, preferring to focus solely on the design work.


Finally, the day had arrived when my designer had completed.  All the links, animations and buttons worked and yet, I just did not like it.  I was not surprised when with all of my efforts to promote my offerings went largely un-noticed.

I realised that this was my responsibility to fix.  I did learn a valuable lesson.  The lesson was simple.  “Do it yourself”.

From Lost in Space to Stellar Success

In December 2019, I was exploring Facebook’s build your own website groups and pages.  I came across an event called “Confident Website Creation Challenge, hosted by The Website Mentor  – Vicky Etherington.  It was a 5-day FREE challenge that promised to demystify the challenging techy elements that caused many people like me to procrastinate from launching their great online business ideas. 

I became excited about this opportunity and Immediately registered for this mini challenge. 

Each day was exhilarating for me because I was learning and The Website Mentor made it feel easy to understand and implement, I was no longer afraid and my confidence was deeper than ever before.

During the 5 Day Challenge I learnt:

  • How to identify my ideal client
  • Day One: How to create my brand atmosphere using colours
  • Day Two: How to choose and set up my Domain Name
  • Day Three: How to choose and set up my Hosting Provider
  • Day Four: How to install my SSL Certificate and WordPress
  • Day Five: WordPress Themes and Plugins

For the icing on the cake The Website Mentor ran a workshop called “Simple Secrets to A Profitable Website that Sells Your Services” that revealed to me the very thing that was left out of my previous website creation experience.

Rock That Website

Eager for my learning journey to continue and having experienced the value of learning from The Website Mentor first-hand, I eagerly enrolled in her 8-week course called “Rock That Website.”

This course covered everything that I felt was missing during my previous collaboration with a designer. Without hesitation, I embraced the opportunity to fill the gaps in my knowledge and enhance my skills in website creation.

Now I’m growing from strength to strength.  Not only did I create a beautiful website that I love, but I also learnt how to create client winning websites that converts visitors to clients and this is the real jewel.

I discovered a guiding light in “Rock That Website” by Vicky Etherington – The Website Mentor

So, If you are feeling lost and overwhelmed in the vast space of website creation and you are ready to experience your website creation Stellar Success, Vicky is running her last Rock That Website Program for this year.  It starts in 4 Days from now! Tuesday 30 May 2023

You will receive valuable bonuses, Caring confident support and so much more!

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