5 Steps To Becoming A Booked Out Virtual Assistant

“Finding Your Clients

And Keeping Them”

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How To Get Your Clients And Keep Them

Your client getting marketing strategy is the one vital ingredient that ensures your business viability. Get my free “5 Steps To Becoming A Fully Booked Out Virtual Assistant” and learn “How to Get Your Clients And Keep Them” Journal Planner

5 steps to becoming a booked out virtual assistant inage

“You Will Discover How To Find Your Clients And “Keep Them”

What You’ll Get From Using This Guide


Where to find your clients

How to express what you do in 30 secs

How to keep your clients

“The Process”

5 Steps To Becoming a Fully Booked Out Virtual Assistant

Create your strategy


Client research


Create statement


Create freebie


Create Automation

How 5 Steps To Becoming A Booked Out Virtual Assistant Can Benefit You!


The 5 Steps will show you how easy it is to receive referrals when networking within your industries community groups


Aligning with the type of agency that best utilises your skills and expertise can go a long way in qualifying your credibility.


Once you realise how easy it is to speak about what you do with your family and friends first, your inner confidence grows.


The activities highlighted in this journal planner will assist you in activating your creativity in ways  you never thought it could.

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has worked as a Community Manager in my free challenges (when it gets really busy) and also in groups for my paid courses. Her incredible energy keeps people accountable and feeling supported.

She has the most perfect personality for this kind of work. I’ve never come across anyone more encouraging and supportive. With an incredible attitude, she genuinely wants people to succeed.

I can’t recommend her more highly.

She’s an amazing human being; I value her friendship and her work, and she would be a fabulous addition to any team.

Vicky Etherington

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