Know Your Mission, Vision Goals And Values

Community Manager

As your community manager I can help you create and implement your social media community group strategy and content that will support your mission, vision, goals and values.

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“Your Mission, Vision, Values And Goals Are Your Foundation”

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Optimise Your SMART Goals

How well do you know your community and how effective are you in delivering content of value to your community?  To optimise your community groups, it is vital that you create clear actionable goals and objectives that will give you the blueprint of what you are going to do and how and when you are going to do it.

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As an aspiring community manager, I can help you with this.  I will listen and understand your vision and together we will create clarity and your strategy for your success.

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Keeping Your Members Engaged

Accountability Coaching

Are You running a five day challenge or bootcamp? 

Do You need support with your subscription groups? 

Facilitating these events uses a lot of energy and time and you will do yourself a great favour if you get help with the admin aspects so you can enjoy delivering your content in a focussed yet relax manner.

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Elevate Your Goals By Nurturing

Community Growth 

Being crystal clear about what your intentions are with your communities will enable you to curate meaningful content that will inspire and motivte engagement.

Let me help you with your day to day management of your social media groups.  Get in touch and let’s discuss what this will look like for you


Getting to know your members



Cultivating a sense of connection and commonality


Nurturing community engagement and developing growth


Ensuring community values and standards are respected by all

“Let Your Brand Reflect Your Mission, Vision And Values”

My Client’s Kind Words!

Kai Henderson

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“Rosemary is MAGIC.  Her intuitive nature finds her in the right place at the right time…ALWAYS.  Rosemary is not only extremely talented and gifted when it comes to nurturing communities, creating compelling communication, and masterfully articulating high caliber ideas, but she is also kind.  

Her actions are undoubtedly infused with profound care and love.  Rosemary personally helped me gain a deeper acceptance and appreciation for who I am being for my business and my community.  

I am deeply impacted by Rosemary and recommend her services to anyone looking to cultivate an immaculate brand and relationship to Self.”.

Our Daily Magic

Meta Certified and Experienced Community Manager

Meta Certified Community Manager proficient in building, scaling, sustaining, leading, moderating and engaging online communities.