Know Your Mission, Vision and Values

Community Manager

Your foundation for success will be based upon your values and the standards that your business operates through.  As your community manager I will ask you What is it that you are offering?  You need to be crystal clear about this because this will determine the ideal community that will engage with you and your business.

“Your Mission, Vision, Values And Goals Are Your Foundation”

Rosemary Roberts Community Manager

Optimize Your Smart Goals

How well do you know your community and how effective are you in delivering content of value to your community?  To optimise your community groups, it is vital that you create clear actionable goals and objectives that will give you the blueprint of what you are going to do and how and when you are going to do it.

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I can help you with this.  I will listen and understand your vision and together we will create clarity and your strategy for your success.

“Develop Meaningful Relationships for Audience Engagement”

Keeping Your Members Engaged

Accountability Coaching

Are You Running A Five Day Challenge Or Bootcamp?

Are you soon to be delivering your challenge or boot camp via your community group and through zoom etc?  Facilitating these events uses a lot of energy and time and you will do yourself a great favour if you get help with the admin aspects whislt you enjoy delivering your content in a focussed yet relax manner.

You Don’t Have To Deliver Your Challenge Alone.  Let Me Help You To:

  • Welcome your members and keep them engaged
  • Ensure members can access all materials
  • Assist you in delivering your Zoom Workshops
  • Test that your materials are working correctly
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I care about your commuinty growth

What I Can Do For You

As Your Community Manager

Let me help you with your day to day management of your social media groups.  Get in touch and let’s discuss what this will look like for you.

Identify ideal clients

Getting to know your members and providing content of value

Create content

Nurturing community engagement and developing growth

welcome New Members

Cultivating a sense of connection and commonality

Monitor group activity

Ensuring community values and standards are respected by all

Create Your Community Standards

Why Are Community Standards So Important

Assistant Rose understands the significance of maintaining a positive and inclusive online environment for all your group members.  My approach to managing your community groups is to ensure respectful and meaningful interactions between your group members are adhered to by implementing robust and actionable community standards.

By upholding these standards, we cultivate a sense of belonging, foster engagement, and create a safe space where ideas can be shared, connections can be forged, and growth can thrive.

How I Will Do This:  I will listen to your intentions and expectations whilst analysing what you already have in place and evaluate it’s effectiveness.  Through exploring and understanding your mission, values and goals, together we will create your community standards that will support your objectives.

Meet Rosemary

Lovely To Meet You

I am a passionate creative virtual assistant. Confident in my ability to deliver a professional service with a smile.

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