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"assistant Rose"



“Life As A Virtual Assistant.”

How To Become A Virtual Assistant.

Tips, Gifts & Guidance.

Outsourcing To A Virtual Assistant

Many small business entrepreneurs ask me, when is the best time to utilize the services of a Virtual Assistant? Here’s the thing, most entrepreneurs who choose to become self-employed, do so for many reasons and one of those reasons that is high up on the list is, for...

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Honest & Dependable Service

MY MISSION It is vital that all my clients feel confident when deciding to choose me as their website designer. As an aspiring new website designer, I choose clients that resonate with my design style and I with their vision.  This is because of the importance of...

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Be Willing To Learn New Skills

TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS At the heart of every website is a foundational structure that is similar from website to website. Yet, every website has something about it that is unique, just as every client is unique. Website creation is a huge creative process that is...

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Life As A Virtual Assistant – Self Mastery

If you are considering to hire a virtual assistant, check out "life as a virtual assistant" for tips and inspiration. What is a Virtual Assistant? A virtual assistant is someone who is located remotely and who provides support for an individual and or a team. Virtual...

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How I Can Help You

Community Manager

As an accountability coach I can help you to keep your students engaged and focused..and so much more

Website Design & Maintainence

Let me help you to create and maintain your beautiful website that will attract your ideal clients.

Virtual Assistance - General Admin

Calendar Management, Content Creation, Email Management, Social Media Engagement.