5 Benefits Of Rebranding My Business For Success

by | Jul 7, 2023

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Embracing Change

After creating my virtual assistant business two and a half years ago, The tone and the feel of my business had dramatically changed. Right from the start I was much more than a general virtual assistant. I was operating as a creative/technical virtual assistant and I was compelled to look into the 5 benefits of rebranding my business.

Planning your business operations is vital yet I soon discovered just how experience is greater than any plan. Instead of just providing a virtual assistant service, I found myself teaching others how to become a virtual assistant. (Take a look at my soon to come “Setting Up Your Virtual Assistant Business“) Yet the idea of rebranding my business was a little challenging at first. I needed to navigate and figure out the ideal time to begin the rebranding process as well as providing a premium service to my clients.

Yet the benefits of rebranding my business far outweighed the challenges that rebranding could bring.

The Challenge:

The challenge was how could I maintain an active connection with the clients that were already in my world? The answer was simple, I would write a blog about my rebranding journey and the benefits it would bring to my clients. I had decided that I would send it out every two weeks. Which would give me enough time to honour my focus on my rebrand and find the space to write the blog posts.

It was a success. I was amazed when some of my clients responded to my posts and I realised that it was vital for the health of my business to continue to nurture my audience with my presence even though it was a little limited.

It was necessary for me to take some time out in order to fully focus on the rebranding process. It was so easy to become distracted and give in to the needs of my clients. However, if I wanted to grow, it was now or never.

Just when I had decided to rebrand along came a lucrative proposal that was rather enticing. Just for a moment I entertained taking up the offer. I set up a consultation and listened to the client express her needs and it was not until she said, she would like to retain my services for six months that I realised I was becoming distracted.

After the meeting I did express to my potential client that we were a great fit, however, I would not be in a position to take her up on her offer as it would conflict with my rebranding aspirations. We decided to remain in touch.

Why Rebrand?

The first stage in my rebranding process was to ask myself:

  1. Why did I feel the need to rebrand?
  2. What was is it about my business that I felt needed change?
  3. What impact did I hope the rebranding would bring to myself and my clients?

Once I became clear about the purpose of rebranding, I then identified the benefits of rebranding my business. Overall, the whole process took about 6 months. Which you may think, wow, what I long time that took, but for me it just flew by.

Brand building required me to engage with my audiences deepest desires through conveying my story, vision and my intentions as well as walking my talk in every area of my business. One of the activities I invested a lot of time reviewing was looking at my branding strategy as described by Philip VanDusen from Verhall Brand Design. check out his YouTube video “7 Secrets to Brand Your Business – What Every Small Business Needs to succeed” right here.

Brand Strategy

  1. Brand story
  2. brand Look and feel
  3. Brand Voice
  4. Brand Presence
  5. Brand promise
  6. Brand equity
  7. Brand engagement

In my next blog I will highlight the whole rebranding process and speak about why it had taken me 6 months to complete.

5 Benefits Of Rebranding My Business :

  1. Introducing a new mission, vision and implementing new goals
  2. Connecting with a new audience
  3. Finding my unique voice
  4. Restructuring my business format
  5. Aligning with new technology

Creating a new mission and vision was everything. I felt re-energised and re-stimulated by purpose. I knew where I was heading and How I would get there.

Refreshing the look, tone and feel of my brand excited me and gave me the ability and the confidence to step out into new heights to reach new customers that were beautifully aligned with my vision and values.

Finding my voice was by far the most rewarding benefit for me. I no longer felt the need to hide and I now trusted my voice as the creator of my own reality. As I write this blog, I am also thinking about the podcasting platform I am soon to create. Where I can really express my voice of influence and impact.

Restructuring my business and aligning with new technology is all about meeting everyone where they are and holding the capacity to scale up and grow as I learn and integrate my new way of being my offerings and the way that I operate.

How My Rebranding impacted my clients:

The benefits of rebranding my business and the impact that it has had for my clients has been encouraging.

One of my clients’ states, “I no longer have to ask you what you do when I look at your website, I only have to ask if I am a great fit”

Another client states, It is much easier to place a booking with you and to have the confidence that you will respond to my request almost immediately due to your automated process”

New Customers:

Within three days of completing my rebranding, I received two new clients. One stated, “Can you create me a website as beautiful and as functional as yours?”

The second client was pleased to see that I was offering planners and templates that would assist her in streamlining her business operations.

Overall and in conclusion, the benefits of rebranding my business, has stimulated new custom and allowed me to find my voice. Rebranding is a catalyst for growth and I feel confident in my ability to fulfil my dream of relocating to my ideal place to live whilst operating my online business.

Work In Progress!

Get in touch and let us discover what assistance you may need in your business. If you are desiring to scale your business and soar to newer heights, you just may need some genuine help from Assistant Rose.




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