1st Everything We Do Is A Stepping Stone


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I could not clearly see how my current business, Assistant Rose, Creative Virtual Assistant Services was fulfilling an aspect of my soul purpose as a stepping stone to my inner soul purpose.

You see, by nature, I hold within myself the healing energy of love and I naturally gravitate to being in service to love.

I just could not see how anything computer-ish was going to serve my nature until I created my own website through the mentorship of “The Website Mentor,” Vicky Etherington.

My Kind Of People

Everywhere I went, I had met so many women who had desired to create their own soul-aligned business but did not know how they could begin.

They all knew their stuff, but how to express this through the digital world that aligned with their way of being was a daunting challenge for them.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Mentors, Course Creators, Authors, Artists, and so many more types of service providers all desired to create more freedom and time to do the things they love in an elevated way.

What I Was Learning

While I was creating my website and setting up my business, I noticed that I was intuitively and psychically creating it.

The visual tone, my messaging, my offerings and the mode in which I operated within my business was all honouring and serving my soul presence.

I noticed the emotional challenges that arose whilst I was learning and I kept a keen eye on my mental disposition. Yet, I knew how to resolve these vibrations that arose within me, I knew how to journey through the shadows and the obscurity of doubt. I knew the direction my soul was taking me towards. Time, patience and being open became my very best friends. I was learning that as am like a stepping stone while assisting others.

How I Can Help

I recognised along my journey that I was not the only woman experiencing this, yet I also saw that not all of the women knew how to travel in their dark whilst moving towards their light, as this is often what happens when you desire to be and do more than what you have allowed yourself to be and do. 

When I meet a client for the first time, I am truly excited. Not for the money, even though I love the many blessings that money can bring. I am excited because, here before me is another soul that I get to form a beautiful relationship with and to co-create magic in whatever form it takes.

When I meet you, it is all about you and how I can be of service to you. I listen to you intuitively and I hear what your soul has spoken even before you physically speak it and it is here where my real role begins. You can find out a little more about how I can help you by visiting my website or get in touch to have a chat.

Liz Stewart PCC And Beyond – Point Of Light, is one of those beautiful soul’s that I have had the privileged to co-create with. Liz wanted to create her work of heart without the hassle of worrying about the techy side of things. What she really required was gentleness and inspiration to manifest all that she was envisioning. A beautiful work in progress. In a lovely kind of way, I became Liz’s stepping stone.

I and my business is still a work in progress and I love that I am, as this positioning gives me the opportunity and the enthusiasm to keep learning and seeing how far I can elevate within myself and through my business.

Stepping Stone

Everything that I have become and everything that I have done, even the things that I am now doing are all in service to my deepest values – To Serve In Love As Love, whether it be just one person or the many.

It was through experiencing continual inner compassion, resilience and mastering my skills that I began to recognise the wisdom of how I could honour being of service to love as an intuitive creative virtual assistant. (Click on the link to find out how i can help you.)

I also recognised that this is not the only role that I am being. I now knew that the wisdom of my journey can and would be able to assist others navigate their way.

It is who I am being, that is in service to what I am doing, so what ever I choose to do will always step me in the right direction.

Everything we do is a stepping stone in the right direction, we just have to see the wisdom of what we are energetically learning to now the true purpose of what it is, serving within you.

Beautiful Revelations: We are all stepping stones for the elevation of others

I hope you love what you do as you are also like stepping stones, and a point of light for other people who come into your world, whether it be personally or professionally.

You are serving them with your unique types of gifts that go beyond the mundane even if you do not yet see it and acknowledge it in this way.

Rosemary Roberts

Rosemary has been developing her virtual assistant service from 2020 offering her creative specialist services to her clients. Since 2023 Rosemary elevated her services to include teaching aspiring VA’s how to set up their own thriving Virtual Assistant businesses and thrive.

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