1 Easy Way to Make Your YouTube Video Exclusive

by | Aug 17, 2023

I Easy Way To Make Your YouTube Video Exclusive

1 Easy Way to Make Your YouTube Video Exclusive, is a process that I regularly share with my new clients. It is truly amazing to me how useful functions built into the many social media platforms are still unknown to the many.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to upload your own videos to share with others and also watch online videos created by people from all over the world.

What Does Unlisted Mean?

There are three ways videos can be shared and seen on YouTube:

1. Public

Public videos can be seen and searched by anyone

2. Unlisted

Unlisted videos can be viewed by people who have the link but the video will not come up in a YouTube search.

3. Private

Private videos are completely private and access to see the video can be given through email invites.

Why I Upload Unlisted Videos:

Running my small business

There may be times in my business that I do not want to upload a video to my YouTube channel that can be publicly viewed by everyone because I want to:

  • Send my clients to view their workshops and other guidance videos. 
  • Link “leads” to my YouTube “sales video” and “testimonial videos”.

This is when I follow my process of 1 Easy Way to Make Your YouTube Video Exclusive

Video Editing Tools:

There are a number of video editing tools out there that you can use to easily edit your videos.  I use Canva, Descript and Camtasia to edit some of my videos.

Canva: is a free photo editor and video editor in one graphic design app! You can create fantastic social media posts, videos, cards, flyers, photo collages & more and the best bit is you can do it for free.

Camtasia: records what’s on your screen, records your microphone, system audio, camera, and cursor so you can edit them separately or all at once.

Descript: Descript is an all-in-one tool that allows you to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share your videos and podcasts.

How I Prepare My Video’s For Uploading To YouTube:

One of the things that I do that is part of the preparation for uploading my video into YouTube, is to identify my SEO Keyword and make sure that I speak it in my videos.

  • First, I edit the video.  Sometimes I need to shorten it, or correct any mistakes
  • Secondly, I include eye-catching titles, annotations, effects and more
  • Thirdly, I add a cover page and an ending page to make it more attractive for the viewer.
  • Fourthly, I create a Thumbnail Still that act like a curtain before the video commences
  • Fifthly, I may add an intro and an outro to give my audience an at a glance idea of what they are about to view and an outro to give information about how to contact me etc, especially if I do not add any cover or ending styling clips
  • Lastly, I will upload my video to YouTube and add my SEO Keyword to my title and include the keyword within the description.
1 Easy Way to Make Your YouTube Video Exclusive, In my Web Browser View

Step 1: Open YouTube on your web browser

Step 2: Click on the videocam icon in the top right corner.

How To Upload A Video To YouTube And Make It Unlisted, Checklist 2023 Image One

Step 3: Click on Upload video

Step 4: Now go ahead and select the file that you want to upload

Step 5: Add all the relevant details and tap on NEXT and continue to

add all the details requested for your video

Step 6: Once you reach the Visibility option, check the box for Unlisted

and click on Save

The Benefits of 1 Easy Way to Make Your YouTube Video Exclusive

Great For Small Businesses – Unlisted video uploads via YouTube enables small business owners to share ideas and give feedback with their teams and clients without worrying that it will be viewed by the wider public.

Beta Testing – Uploading unlisted videos to YouTube is beneficial when beta testing a video. It gives you the opportunity to take suggestions from a limited number of people with the intention of improving it.

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